Because of its excellent radiation shielding capability and high light transmittance, radiation shielding lead glass LX-57B of Nippon Electric Glass (NEG) has many medical and laboratory applications, as well as being widely used in nuclear power industries. Since the LX- 57B glass is melted in a tank furnace and rolled continuously, NEG is able to supply large-size and high-quality LX-57B glass readily upon demand.

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Radiation shielding glasses are used where transparent protection against ionizing radiation is necessary. Radiation shielding glass is used in X-ray rooms, opera-ting theatres, radiation the-rapy rooms, dental clinics, laboratories, and for material testing. Applications include observation windows and in-tercommunication windows, door glazings, panoramic glazings, mobile protection walls, protective panels for check-up systems.

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Shielding Lead Sheet

Lead sheets can be easily bent, shaped and formed for use in many applications. Commonly used medical radiation construction projects, sheet lead can be built into walls, doors and frames to protect medical personnel from gamma rays. It can also be used to stop radiation leakage from cut-outs and penetrations in lead-lined walls.
Radiation Protection Products uses only the purest lead available for our sheeting. Absolutely no refining takes place at our facility, making us one of the cleanest, most environmentally friendly radiation shielding providers in the industry, while providing you with the highest quality sheet lead available.